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bara hot boys and pretty cool things
i like to keep myself motivated
and i also love big male booty bitches i love pop music and creepypastas


Art by: Spookeedoo

No le des la satisfacción de verte asi. Se fuerte y enfrentalo. Tus seguidores estamos aqui para lo que necesites.

Gracias anonimo…significa mucho para mi todo este apoyo

i will take down this blog if this fucker keeps harassing me i don’t want to be here if i can’t feel safe

You just have to explain to your man. The other creep is nothing to you. He can't hurt you. Don't worry.

i just want him to leave me alone …..

Block him everywhere. What he's doing is completely unacceptable. Harassing someone is going too far. Don't succumb to him. You're strong. Don't fight him, though, until you take a breath. Rest a little.

I honestly know this is MY FAULT for going and sexting to him

but he’s kinda doing a lot of shit like he was calling me names and well that dosen’t help with my self esteem issues i really hope he leaves me alone cuz i had enough problems already 


August 31 - Butterfly

What happened??

so this guy is blackmailing me cuz i kinda sexted him ( no pics just words) and it was just like an hour  and he made me told my boyfriend i did and now than i did he’s harrassing me on tumblr and skype calling me slut and whore sending dead threats and agressive messages over mne  and things like that and iam honestly just a fucking awful human 


Noalok week-Focibly


i am honestly feeling like shit right now and i need a friend….

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Hunks & Hotties on goddy654.tumblr.com

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Why are you so critical of 'tumbears'?


basically the bear community is really shitty and I don’t respect people who are willingly a part of it without at least acknowledging that it can be pretty goddamn problematic

like I mean first of all there’s the whole hypermasculinity and internalized homophobia thing (I’m a REAL man!/str8 acting) and then they femme shame a whole ton which is pretty sexist I think and let’s not forget that a lot of em are kinda racist with that whole “white guys only” bullshit

like I mean I won’t hate someone for simply identifying as a bear, but I will hate them for ignoring or partaking in or condoning all that stuff up there


My bedroom needs fixing too

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doing the lord’s work

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when you do all of the work for a “group” project


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